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Leys Inventories  became a member of the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) The aim of the AIIC is to make sure that every landlord, tenant and agent in the UK understands how inventory services can help them protect themselves and their clients, also all members will abide by the AIIC Codes of Practice and provide a range of high quality & professional inventory services.

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6th  APRIL 2007  ~  Tenants Deposit System

Whichever scheme the landlord or agent use, insurance based or custodial, both schemes are supported by an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service.

If used, any dispute at the end of the tenancy can be referred to the ADR service provided both parties agree to be bound by the ADR decision.  If either party does not agree to use the ADR service, the option of referring the dispute to the courts will remain. The ADR service will be impartial and evidence-based.

Even if either party opts for the court route instead of the ADR route to settle disputes, they still require evidence for what is claimed for it must be evidence-based. Such evidences is seen as a good detailed inventory carried out by an independent agency with no biased influences to either party. 

Trying to avoid unnecessary claims we therefore advise landlords and tenants to obtain a good detailed independent inventory at the start of the new tenancy.

Having a good detailed inventory will  list each room within a property, then lists each component of the room, that is a door or window, ceiling and walls, lights and floor, even power sockets and switches are important to ascertain where you are in the room. Each component and item is then given a condition comment.

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